Welcome to the YCS blog post on servers. In this blog post, I will be coving the big question of when you should be upgrading your company’s server and why. I hope that by reading this blog post you will come to understand the importance of keeping a server up to date and that it may be a massive opportunity to improve workflow and ease of use for employees rather than be a hindrance or mild annoyance to the business.

First of all, to make sure nobody is waiting for the answer you typically should be upgrading your servers every three to five years. This is because servers are constantly running even when everyone has turned off for the day and gone home which puts the server under very heavy pressure as it never gets a break. Normally a PC or laptop will work perfectly fine for five to even ten years. Of course, the PC will likely be very outdated by then, but it will run just fine otherwise. A server lasts about half as long as a PC as long as it’s regularly cleaned, and maintenance is completed properly.

Why should you upgrade your server when it is over five years old? As discussed in the previous paragraph it’s very likely that when your server is over three years old it will be closing in on the end of its life span and after five years it’s very lucky if you haven’t had any problems with it or spent wasted money on a dying server that could be put elsewhere. The biggest problem with having an old server is that it will eventually fail and if the necessary precautions are not taken into account before this happens then it may cause a company-wide halt in production because employees won’t be about to work because they can’t access important files or databases and in more extreme circumstances the hard drive might fail along with the server causing the loss or corruption of the important files that allows the company to work smoothly.

We have covered why you should be upgrading your server so let’s talk about how you can make the most of this opportunity and how it can help expand your business that little bit more. Servers as previously established last around three to five years which means that during that time technology and computer parts as well as software will have advanced greatly. This means that you can improve your company by taking advantage of the fact that you will need to replace the old server with a new one. The first thing to consider when making that upgrade is the storage space. Having more storage space will make the computer run smoother and allow you to store more information on that server. This also means because of the added space on the device you may be able to fit more virtual machines onto that server. Doing this not only gives you a new server which runs smoother, but you will be able to achieve more virtual machines out of the new hardware. Now that you have your shiny new server let’s discuss what you should put on it. For instance, a great start is the latest server operating system by Microsoft or another provider of your choosing. As you have now acquired a modern server with modern hardware you will now be able to update the operating system which can help when interacting with the computer and the speed at which it sends and receives information. At the time of writing this blog, the most recent server by Microsoft is the Server 2022 operating system. This offers a wide range of benefits that your company can take advantage of such as Azure AD.

What if I don’t want to upgrade the server? This blog has been mostly assuming that you want and have the capabilities to upgrade the server however what if you don’t want to upgrade? This is perfectly reasonable because you may not need an upgrade depending on the size of the company that you work in or own or it might be a matter of money where the cost doesn’t justify the increase in efficacy. If this is the case then I would still wholeheartedly recommend looking into the maintenance and current life span of the server you have because whether you want to upgrade or not you still need a working server. The best course of action is to simply get a new server on par or slightly better or replace the failing parts in the old server until it’s time for a new one. The main problem that must be avoided with this however is spending money upgrading and maintaining a dying machine.

Some clear signs that your server may be on the way out are:

The machine gets very warm sometimes even how to the touch depending on the load of the machine. This can mean that the parts inside the device are just not operating effectively forcing them to overwork which causes the increase in heat.

The device may start lagging, stuttering or even crashing. This can be caused by the device overheating which as mentioned before is because the server is under consistently heavy load because the server is too old to keep up. It’s very concerning when this begins to happen because it can lead to several disasters including corrupt or lost data. Information being deleted if not saved properly can lead to the company having downtime meaning the employees cannot work preventing workflow.

To prevent any disasters from happening it’s recommended that you employ some professionals in the field of IT to come and test the server you have to make sure that it is ready to keep going for the next couple of years. It’s even better and highly recommended to test and maintain the devices every month. This is to make sure that the server is running as efficiently as possible and to catch any problems before they become a bigger problem to the company and network.

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