Computers and laptops are used in our everyday life. They are used in schools at home and especially at work. This is because they increase productivity by heaps and bounds by allowing you to have all your files and important data in one place and being able to use the multitude of software and websites that can help with your workflow, design and inspiration for a project. Computers and laptops are vital tools for the continuation of workflow in most companies however what a lot of people forget is that technology is always advancing and getting faster and more efficient which means that websites and software can request more demand from machines. Unfortunately, because of this if you have an older machine it can start to run into problems.

For this blog post, I will be listing the problems that may arise if you have an older machine and what parts you may need to replace to keep your machine up to-date and able to run most things.

The first problem you may be running into has to do with your storage space. Your computer if it’s on the older side will likely have an HDD inside of it. An HDD stands for “Hard disk drive”, and it is now unfavoured by most computers and laptops because the SSD has improved and replaced it. There are things that the HDD does better than the SSD however overall, the SSD is an improvement. The main problem comes from that when an HDD gets old because it has a physical moving disk (Which the SSD doesn’t) to store your data on, it can cause the disk or the moving parts of the HDD to break easily and stop working. This means that some of your data may become corrupted due to the failure. Of course, the easiest way to fix this is to purchase and install an SSD which will not only cause your PC to run better and receive information quicker but will also give you a future-proof method of storing your files and other data. I would recommend updating to an SSD if given the chance as it will allow you to keep both the HDD and the SDD which is extremely useful because you will double the amount of space your computer can hold. Some things to look out for when you think your HDD is failing are crashing, being unable to receive or save documents or files and quite possibly the HDD itself will be making an unexpected noise. If you experience these signs it might be time for that well-deserved upgrade.

The second part of your computer that may have problems the longer you own the machine is the fans. Laptops and computers have multiple fans throughout because they produce heat as a by-product and the fans help regulate and push the heat outside of your PC or laptop keeping it cool. However, like the HDD because the fans are always moving and working so long as the device is turned on they tend to get worn down and start slowing until they eventually can’t function anymore. The fans also attract a lot of dust as well which can harm the fans in the long term if not properly cleaned. It’s very likely your PC has over three fans inside of it and higher-end PCs will have more because they produce more heat while under heavy load. Some of the fans are located inside the PSU, GPU and heatsink. If these fans fail then unfortunately you will have to buy another part separately and replace the failed part however if the fans located in the machine are for pushing the air out then buying some more fans would work just fine.

It was briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph that you may also run into some problems with your PSU or power supply if it’s on the older side. The PSU functions as the battery for the computer. It takes power from the wall socket and turns it into power that the PC can use. If the power supply begins to fail you will notice that your PC will begin to hard crash to black screen in the middle of work. This is because the PSU is unable to provide the required power to the computer systems which in turn switches the PC off. This can be devasting as you not only lose all the progress of any unsaved work it may also cause other hardware components to fail due to the sudden lack of power. Now when thinking about replacing or upgrading the PSU you have to consider if you would like to future-proof your machine. To explain PSUs come with different power outputs such as 750x and 650x to name a few. The higher the number is the more you can put inside of your PC. Meaning that if you in the future wanted to install a new GPU you will be able to as long as it’s within the power limit. There are also two different types of PSUs. The first and older version is called a non-modular PSU and the newer version is called a fully modular PSU. The difference between the two is that the older non-modular PSUs come with all the cables already attached and you can’t remove them. This means that while it does give you everything you need to power a PC it also clutters up the inside of the case which leads to bad airflow and a build-up of dust. The fully modular version however doesn’t have any cables attached. Inside all the cables come with the part and can be plugged in only if you require it. This helps way better with airflow because you won’t have lots of unnecessary cables cluttering the inside of the machine. If you are in the market for a new PSU I would always recommend the fully modular PSUs however when it comes to power output you most likely won’t need anything over 650x unless you are planning on building a more powerful PC with a graphics card in which case you should aim for 750x however its best to do research on the computer parts you are planning to buy and see what the recommended about of power is.

That’s just some of the parts in a PC and laptops that might fail causing you to replace, upgrade or buy another machine entirely. I hope this blog post was informative and helped you understand better some problems you could be facing as well as understand when it’s time to move on and upgrade to keep ahead of the technology curve.

At Yorkshire computer systems we don’t only fix issues with your devices. We can also install new devices for you. We can install anything from computer towers to laptops and even MAC devices. We can also transfer data to your new computer, laptop, or MAC so you don’t lose any data when upgrading from your old computer to the updated model. We can also complete hardware installations which can be upgraded from previous parts or newly installed if you happen to be building your own PC. These components include but aren’t limited to PSU, GPU, and memory.

Yorkshire computer systems strive for efficiency and effective fixes to your issues for your computer, laptop, and MAC devices. We hope that by reading this blog post you have gained an understanding of how we work and what problems we can help you with from internet and networking issues to hardware and software problems that are causing problems at work or on a personal device.

You can create an appointment with us by emailing [email protected] or by using our phone number which is +441134842012

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