When creating and sending an email how often do you think about the creation process that goes into making that email? Most likely not often as a lot of people treat their emails as a group chat however I am here to tell you that shouldn’t be the case at your business. Emails are a great tool that needs to be utilised effectively just like any other tool such as a piece of software or a webpage. By doing so you can greatly increase productivity, and client and employee communication and it puts your best foot forward when contacting important people. In this blog post, I will be going over email etiquette and the best ways to make your emails sleek and professional in hopes that you will come away from this blog post being able to create the perfect email every time.

The first piece of etiquette that I will be covering is writing the email itself. It’s best practice to always write an email with professional and kind language to get the best response possible out of the recipient. It’s also the way you would expect to be treated when people send you emails so starting off friendly is always best but keep it professional. Keeping it professional means try not to use slang or confusing language as well as opening with a “Hello” and ending the email with “thank you” or “yours sincerely” ETC.
A big problem that a lot of people don’t consider when creating an email is that they made a mistake. Even if you are sending a small email of 50 words or less it’s always best to make sure that there are no mistakes in the spelling of any words or the use of punctuation. I would also like to point out that it’s a big problem if you spell the name of the recipient incorrectly as this can come off as extremely unprofessional and could even cause confusion as the person might start to suspect that they were not the intended recipient and delete the email without reading it wasting your time and causing a communication breakdown.

This next point is less etiquette and more preventing problems. I would recommend creating the email before you input the recipient of the email. This is because whether you are using a mobile device or PC there is always a chance you click the incorrect button or were distracted by something that causes you to send an email before it’s completed. This again can cause you to seem unprofessional and could end up sending an important message to the recipient’s junk folder. It’s also in your best interest to create an appropriate subject line. A lot of people including myself in the past have mistaken the subject line as unimportant and redundant because the email itself will explain the subject however not only does the subject line create convenience for the recipient because they can clearly see what the email is about and who it came from creating a larger chance of you getting a reply it also most of the time removes the email from being put into the junk folder. Emails without subject lines are usually directly put into the junk folder. This is because email providers such as Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo ETC preserve the email as being spam or unimportant and you certainly don’t want that happening to a perfectly thought-out and crafted email.

Something else to consider when creating an email is who you are sending the email to and does that person need to be linked to the email. When responding or even creating a new email with multiple recipients its best practice to make sure that they actually need to receive the email. There is a good reason for this because it can take up a lot of unnecessary space in their inbox which can cause them to become irritated or annoyed with the consistent emails that have nothing to do with them. It can also lead to a big breach in security if the wrong person gets an email that contains emails, passwords, names, locations and other personal or private information that may be held by the company or the individual. Security breaches can be quite catastrophic to businesses and to the individual if there are passwords to very important accounts in the email such as bank accounts or administrative accounts. To end off this segment it’s also great etiquette to always reply to emails even if it’s just a short reply. This is because the other person may be waiting for you to rely on them in order to reply back to you with more information, a question or just to say thank you.

Another great way to make your emails more personal and professional is by having an email signature. An email signature isn’t just a piece of writing at the end of the email it can be much more. For example, By using the service called exclaimer you can set up amazing and professional email signatures which can include your name, phone number, office location, pictures and other information that makes your email belong to you and allow people to know that the email is from you at a glance which can greatly increase the chances of people replying and it also gives you a great first impression when making emails to people you may not have conversed with before. By using exclaimer, you can fully customise the email signature by person, office or have a company-wide signature which auto-fills in information such as the name of the person sending the email. It is also added automatically on the end of all emails that are created by you once it is set up and ready. It can also be changed anytime so it can grow and evolve with you and your business.

We at Yorkshire Computer Systems are able to create these signatures for you. We can make them according to a certain design you have in mind or create a basic one to get you started with important information and relevant images and logos for your company. It can even link to your website and social media giving you more leads and clicks on blogs, videos and webpages.
At Yorkshire computer systems we don’t only fix issues with your devices. We can also install new devices for you. We can install anything from computer towers to laptops and even MAC devices. We can also transfer data to your new computer, laptop, or MAC so you don’t lose any data when upgrading from your old computer to the updated model. We can also complete hardware installations which can be upgraded from previous parts or newly installed if you happen to be building your own PC. These components include but aren’t limited to PSU, GPU, and memory. We also provide security and administrative support for your business using Microsoft 365.

Yorkshire computer systems strive for efficiency and effective fixes to your issues for your computer, laptop, and MAC devices. We hope that by reading this blog post you have gained an understanding of how we work and what problems we can help you with from internet and networking issues to hardware and software problems that are causing problems at work or on a personal device.

You can create an appointment with us by emailing [email protected] or by using our phone number which is +441134842012

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