Reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 11 and why you shouldn’t

Windows 11 is the latest Windows operating system released by Microsoft. An operating system is a system that your computer runs on to function. The operating system acts as an interface for people to interact with the PC. With the operating system, it would be extremely difficult if not impossible to get the computer to do even the simplest task such as moving, copying and deleting files, saving documents and images and even creating blog posts like the one you are reading now. Ever since Windows 11 was released on the 5th of October 2021 Microsoft has been trying to get people to upgrade to Windows 11. I will be going over the positives of upgrading to Windows 11 as well as some reasons to not upgrade and stay on Windows 10.

For starters, let’s go over some positives of upgrading to Windows 11.

The interface: The interface is a big deal when it comes to picking your operating system as it’s not only what you’re going to be looking at while you use the device it’s also going to be what you’re interacting with to use the machine. Microsoft like to change up the interface every time they make a new operating system which has caused people to become annoyed that when they upgrade it’s a challenge to re-learn the OS. In my personal experience, the Windows 11 operating system is a bit different from Windows 10 however it is easy to follow once you use it for a day or two as it follows a lot of the same design ideas that Windows 10 has such as a start and search bar on the taskbar, easy to follow and well-labelled settings menu and the same file browsing system. Overall, the interface of Windows 11 is perfect for the average Windows enjoyer or business enthusiast.

Protection: The next great feature of Windows 11 is the protection it offers. Viruses and hackers have gotten a lot more dangerous over the years and with the advance in technology, it’s only gotten easier for people with malicious intent to get into your systems and your personal or business accounts. The main problem comes from that Windows 10 and below have been out for years giving hackers a lot of time to practise breaking in however windows 11 is still very fresh. This also means that it comes with a more modern and advanced anti-virus which will detect any problem that your PC might run into.

Performance boost: Windows 11 also comes with an amazing boost in power thanks to the increase in technological advancements. This means that Windows 11 is very good at processing information and commands that it’s given. It’s also good at running information in the background meaning that it will be able to work along with you as you are doing other things in the foreground your PC will be processing all the information in the background for you.

Android Apps: Finally, one of the most important features for a lot of Windows 11 users is that you can link your Android phone up to the PC and use the Android apps seamlessly on your computer allowing you to access your phone, files and apps without any unnecessary cables or third-party software.

Now let’s go over some reasons why you wouldn’t want to upgrade to Windows 11 and stay on a previous operating system.

A familiar interface: One of the biggest reasons people don’t want to upgrade their operating system is that they will have to re-learn the interface however if you stick to your guns and stay on Windows 10 for example then you are already used to the interface and there is a good chance you have customised it over the many years you have used it so it fits your personal tastes and needs. Upgrading to Windows 11 would of course remove all of that and you will have to begin again. Some people still use the popular Windows 7 operating system due to how streamlined the design was and that its very reliable making it an easy choice for people that heavily consider their operating system.

Bugs: Due to Windows 11 being newer it does however come with problems and bugs that hold it back from being an amazing operating system. However, Windows 10 will have little to no bugs because Microsoft has had time to research the issues and remove them. Of course, no one wants to run into any bugs or problems while they file search or open applications, and it could always lead to you losing files due to corruption caused by a bug that hasn’t been found and removed yet. The much safer option is to stick with Windows 10 if you value the reliability and solid foundation that Windows 10 has.

Compatibility and requirements: The last reason someone may consider sticking with Windows 10 is that you can run into some compatibility issues with old software because Windows 11 won’t be able to support it properly. Some software that could run into problems can be games, or custom software made specifically for your company or business and apps used in old versions. This can mean the upgrade to Windows 11 can prevent you from playing and using your favourite apps and software and this is a problem that probably won’t be fixed due to older software not working well on newer hardware and operating systems. You may also want to stick with an older version of Windows as well if you have an older laptop or PC as they might not have the capability to use Windows 11 due to them having old and incompatible hardware components. You will be able to see if your computer can handle Windows 11 if you go to settings followed by updates.

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