Wakefield Computer Repairs

Wakefield Computer Repairs

Yorkshire Computer Systems is a professional computer repair company that offers onsite repair services for both residential and business clients in Wakefield. Our team of expert technicians provides a range of computer repair services to help our clients get back to their daily routines as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re a business owner or a residential client, our onsite computer repair services offer numerous benefits that can save you time, money, and hassle. Here are some reasons why you should consider Yorkshire Computer Systems for your onsite computer repair needs in Wakefield:

  1. Quick Response Time: We understand the importance of a fast response when it comes to computer repairs. That’s why our technicians strive to be onsite within one hour of your call. We know that your computer is an essential tool for your work and daily life, and we want to ensure that you experience minimum downtime.
  2. Personalized Service: At Yorkshire Computer Systems, we take a personalized approach to each of our clients. Our technicians will work with you to diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action to get your computer up and running as quickly as possible.
  3. Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for our onsite computer repair services in Wakefield. We understand that computer repairs can be expensive, and we want to make our services affordable for everyone. We also provide a free, no-obligation quote before starting any work on your computer.
  4. Experienced Technicians: Our technicians are highly experienced and qualified in all aspects of computer repairs. They have the expertise to handle any type of computer issue, from software problems to hardware malfunctions. You can trust that your computer is in safe hands with Yorkshire Computer Systems.
  5. Flexible Scheduling: We offer flexible scheduling options for our onsite computer repairs in Wakefield. We can arrange a convenient time to visit your home or business, including evenings and weekends, to minimize disruption to your daily routine.
  6. Data Security: We understand that our clients may have sensitive or confidential data on their computers, which is why we take every precaution to ensure that their data is secure during the repair process. We have strict data security protocols in place to protect your privacy and confidential information.

In conclusion, Yorkshire Computer Systems is a reliable company that offers onsite computer repair services for both residential and business clients in Wakefield. With our quick response time, personalized service, competitive pricing, experienced technicians, flexible scheduling, and data security measures, we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians and experience the difference of onsite computer repair services.

Loud Noises

Loud Noises

Loud noises are normally made from faulty fans that are used to keep the computer cool whilst running.
Both Desktops and Laptops these days have 3 types of fans, Power supply, CPU, and Graphics Card.
These can all be either serviced or replaced

Turning Off

Turning off automatically

This issue is a bit more difficult as it could be multiple issues, (Software or Hardware issue).The main thing to look for is how it is turning off.Is it just going to a black screen and restarting or is it just turning off, Once we know what it is doing we can then start to check and see what is causing it, This could be Overheating (See above) or it could be a Windows Update that did not install correctly.

Wont start up

Won’t start up

No Power and not starting up are 2 common issues we face on a daily basis. This can be as simple as a fuse in the power lead to a replacement power supply or a new System Board.These types of repairs are quoted on a case-by-case scenario due to the issue could be any one of a number of components that could fail.

Running Slow

Running slow

A computer Running Slow again can be multiple issues.
Overheating and Hard Drive issues are the main
two reasons your laptop could run slow.
Both issues can be fixed and done in your home or place of work.

Memory Issues

Memory Issues

Some computers only came with 4GB Ram as at the time that’s all
that was required.
Nowadays machines should have a minimum of 8GB Ram or ideally 16GB
Depending on what you are doing

Blue Screen

Bluescreen/ BSOD No Boot

One of the more common issues encountered are operating system boot errors and blue screen error messages on boot.
Experienced in resolving these issues with minimal data loss, we can restore your computer to working health quickly, and prevent further issues from occurring.


Virus/Spyware Removal

Viruses and spyware rank among the most frequent, disrupting and disturbing issues. Often times can be among the hardest problems to fix whilst minimizing data loss.
We provide full logs of the work done, often able to indicate the root of the issue, we can advise on further security measures and tips to prevent further issues.


Networking & Internet

We can install your router and network, set up and configure your wireless broadband connection or help with any Internet or email problems you may be having.
We are also able to optimise your Internet settings in order to give you the fastest connection possible.

Price List

  • Remote DiagnosticsFREE
  • Onsite Repair£50 per hour
  • Windows Re-Installation - (10,11)£80
  • 240GB SDD Replacement - (No Backup, Supply , Fit Drive, Windows Reinstall)£100
  • 240GB SDD Replacement - (Backup Data, Supply , Fit Drive, Windows Reinstall)£150
  • 512GB SDD Replacement - (No Backup, Supply , Fit Drive, Windows Reinstall)£130
  • 512GB SDD Replacement - (Backup Data, Supply , Fit Drive, Windows Reinstall)£180
  • 1TB SSD Replacement - (No Backup Data, Supply , Fit Drive, Windows Reinstall)£200
  • Malware / Virus Removal£50
  • Overheating £50
  • Internet Issues£50
  • BSOD£50

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